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Tea Estate

Principles of Sustainable Agriculture

10 Principles of Sustainable Agriculture

  1. Social & Envioronmental Management System
  2. Ecosystem Conservation
  3. Wild life protection
  4. Water conservation
  5. Fair treatment and good working condition
  6. Occupational Health & Safety
  7. Community Relations
  8. Integrated crop management
  9. Soil mangement and conservation
  10. Integrated waste management

We follow all ethical norms and have adopted integrated pest and disease management techniques to keep the residues within the EU norms. The factory has facilities to produce Orthodox and CTC teas.Good manufacturing practices and HACCP systems are being followed in the factory . Currently we produce 90% orthodox teas and 10% CTC teas.We also produce Speciality teas in winter like Silver tips,SFTGFOP(semifermented muscatale flavoured teas)and Oolong teas.The teas are directly exported to UK,Poland Russia,Germany and USA and also sold through auctions.